Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here's a little vintage Swanberg!

There's nothing like a little good clean laughter! Especially when you know the jokester! Keep the Swanberg's ministry in your just gotta love him! & Lauree & Chad & Dusty...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our Class Photos...& then there were more!

I had the opportunity to snap a few more class members photos...check it out!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Come to the FIESTA!

Put on your Sombrero! You are invited to a Mexican Fiesta!

Ole! La Coo
Ca Ra Cha!

Randy & Anita Smith’s New Home
July 19th
Break out your best Mexican Recipes & get cookin’! It’s Pot Luck!
We need desserts & maybe a little tea, too…

292 Kingfisher Lane,
Sterlington, LA.

Directions: Go past Sterlington High School. Take a right on Parrots Beak Rd. (just past Mer Rouge Wholesale – blue buildings). First road to the left will be Kingfisher. I think we are the 6th house on the right.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I pray for you all

As I take a quick glance at our I watch the videos of your kind faces...I am reminded of how special you are...I catch myself praying for you individually as you appear before's a wonderful tool, a wonderful tool...I can't wait to get photos of all of you...I'll close..because I'd like to pray some more...

Monday, June 30, 2008

Our Class Photos 2008

These are photos from yesterday...If I didn't see you...I didn't get your picture. When I do see you...I'll get your picture...& you'll find it here!

North Monroe Church

Just wanted to let ya'll have a glimpse of the drawing of the new sanctuary. ...Sammy Bee said "Just think, in 4 years we'll all be looking back on this remembering this time & everything will be complete!" It's all so exciting! Pray for God's Leadership & will. Randy led a wonderful class yesterday! Remember God's goodness today. Thanks Randy for the time you take to prepare to lead us. Special thanks to Becky for bringing a warm "Honey Bun Cake"! What a treat! Fellowship coming up at The Smith's House later this month! Wahoo! Have a great day!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vintage Class Member Photos from 2003

These photos were taken in 2003 for a class directory. I want to put one together again...complete with pictures! I'll be bringing my digital to class to snap a few quick ones of ya'll...The picture quality here is so low! They were taken with one of the first digital cameras on the market...

I can't wait to see how we've improved!

Friday, June 27, 2008

See you Sunday

Enjoy this weekend. Take time to laugh with your family.
Be at NMBC Sunday Morning! Randy will be leading with a great lesson at 9:45. In worship, Bill will share with us new drawings & information about the new Worship Center! Don't miss it!
Take time to renew! Read God's word! Just like the afternoon is refreshing!
As you can see, it poured at our house!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

How to Comment

I have been asked about how you can participate in the blog..Okay, no big deal...You can see, so far I have posted 2 blogs (okay this is 3)..under each blog you will see "comments", this is where you comment about that particular blog;..wave your mouse over "comments", now click! and there you can see any comments made thus far & it's where you can add a comment..just be sure and click the "publish comment" button at the close of your comment...everyone will be able to view your comment & you can view theirs...Let me know if you have any troubles......or ask your kids.

4 Year Old Help Sign-Up

The 4 year old Lifegroup class led by Ms. Mary needs two volunteers each Sunday for her class. You only work during Lifegroup..9:45-10:45...(Just click on "comments" right below this to leave a comment..go down & click on "publish comment"...blogging is that easy!)

June 29- Doug & Amanda Hinton
July 6- Henry & Jan Dannehl
July 13- Randy & Anita Smith
July 20-
July 27-
August 3- Joey & Lori Young
August 10-
August 17-
August 24-
August 31-

Welcome to Smith/Young Lifegroup!

Well...we're blogging! Welcome Smith/Young Lifegroup! Our class is so crazy busy! A lot of times, we're not all there! (I'm referring to bodily) So, we miss information & sign ups & opportunities to minister. I thought this is a great "hands on" opportunity for you to participate!
I did not want you to feel out of touch.

Now, I want ya'll to add this to your "favorites" on your computer...that way you don't have to recall the web address (However,I do realize that some of you are grandparents now...but I'm not inferring any forgetfulness due to age)...this way it'll be easy for you to access & find out what's happening.

I will continue the weekly newsletter..& at times I will point you to here (our blog!)...No, I'm not a computer geek...well sorta...

Important things to note...this blog is a place where you can "post" (type something!) Please...share prayer requests, needs, opportunities to minister, sign up to help, share what God has shown you lately, maybe offer a good meal idea ... etc...
It is, help me out..give me a little encouragement..& please write on this blog (our blog!)